Chiropractic Care in Bloomington

Chiropractic Care in Bloomington MN

Our primary goal in delivering chiropractic care in Bloomington is to find those joints in your spine that are misaligned and causing irritation of the nerve. Using the Gonstead Technique, we figure out the exact way to adjust these segments back into place.

At ChiroCenter-Bloomington we use Gonstead extensively because of the specific, precise analysis and personalized adjusting protocol. For example, we want to move a specific joint instead of three or four. A subluxated joint will be adjusted using a specific line of correction calculated by our chiropractors. We use many of tools to determine the joint that’s the problem: X-rays, Nervo-Scope®, visualization, and static and motion palpation.

The Remarkable Benefits of Chiropractic Care
While chiropractic does an excellent job of providing relief of back and neck pain, there are numerous other advantages:

  • Improves energy levels
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Improves ear infections
  • Relieves allergy symptoms
  • Enhances sleep
  • Helps with digestive irregularities

The New Patient Journey
We’re happy that you decided to take that first step on the path toward optimal health and wellness. Here’s what you can expect at each stage of the care we provide.

First stage: During this corrective phase of care, you may come in more frequently for a specific period. It’s our goal to remove inflammation and edema from the joint to calm the nerve down.

Second stage: When you’re in the healing phase, your joint will be moving again to allow the muscles, ligaments and nerves to heal on their own.

Last stage: In this stage, we stabilize the joint, and you will need be seen less frequently. At the end of this phase, we’ll start talking to you about wellness care.

Relax, You’re in Good Hands!
Never been to a chiropractor? Don’t worry! There are never any surprises during your visit. Your doctor will explain everything in advance, particularly the adjustment. We always aim to provide safe and gentle adjustments at ChiroCenter-Bloomington.

Experience the many benefits of safe and natural chiropractic care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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