Chiropractic Testimonials

"I truly appreciate the care I receive at ChiroCenter-Bloomington. They take their time to get to know my health goals and then help me achieve them!"

- Anna

"My health has been so much better. I’m able to eat foods that before I wasn’t able to. The staff is great."

- Brittany U.

"I know for a fact I would not be able to work as comfortably without the care of Dr. Schmitt. It’s a must for maintaining good health."

- Ted H.

He’s Just Fabulous!

“Dr. Schmitt is amazing! He’s helped my 8 yr old son with constipation and headaches and keeps him going while he plays hockey. My husband is a big guy and usually hard to adjust but not for Dr. Schmitt!!

I have a few more problems than my son and husband do. I’ve been going to a lot of different chiropractors since I got into my first car accident when I was 16. He’s the best I’ve ever been to – his adjustments last longer than any I’ve had. He’s just fabulous!!!”

- Robyn H.

I Feel Great!

“My neck was being greatly affected by my back. I feel great and I am finding that my time needed between appointments is growing since my back is steadily improving. I feel great.”

- Shana W.

No Knee Surgery

“I used to wince when climbing stairs – thought I needed knee surgery. That was 12 years ago. No surgery and I am still climbing stairs and working in construction.”

- Fred P.

No More Allergies or Headaches

“I originally came to the ChiroCenter with a pinched nerve, and as soon as I learned of all the benefits it has on my nervous system – I kept going! I don’t have allergies or headaches anymore, all thanks to Dr. Schmitt and the Gonstead method!”

- Alex B.

I Recommend All the Doctors!

"I’ve had lower back pain for several years. Finally, I went to Dr. Cassie McGuire, who had her practice in Gaylord, MN. in 2017. I love the fact that she practices Gonstead! When she took X-rays, she explained what areas I needed adjusting. Then, with each visit, she used an instrument called a nervoscope to measure the spots that were inflamed. After each adjustment, she would recheck my range of motion. Cassie always answered my questions and had solutions to related health problems.

In April 2018, she sold her practice. And now, I come to ChiroCenter Bloomington, P.A! I highly recommend all the doctors here! The staff is friendly and always willing to be of service."

- Anonymous


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